The owner, ________________________________________ agrees he/she will provide this kitten/cat with the care it needs to be healthy and happy.

The owner agrees that if he/she can no longer care for this kitten/cat for whatever reason he/she will contact the breeder. If in any event you need to rehome or return the kitten/cat, due to death, life circumstances, or any other reason, ownership of this kitten/cat reverts to Joyce Arivella who will make appropriate decisions for this cat’s care.

When the owner was asked at the time they inquired about a kitten whether the kitten would be indoor or outdoor, the owner agrees that they stated this kitten will be an indoor cat.

The owner above agrees to spay/neuter this kitten before it is 15 months old. The owner will receive the pedigreed papers when the breeder has a copy of the spay/neuter.

This kitten has been registered with Cat Fancier’s Federation(CFF). When you get your registration papers you will need to register your cat so your name will be on the paperwork. A registration is included in your paperwork.